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Plumbing With a Purpose

  • What Can A Drain Camera Line See?

    If you've got a problem with your home's plumbing system but you're unsure as to what it is, chances are your plumber will most likely order a drain video inspection to be performed on your home. This little device looks like a long snake that has a camera and a light on the end of the tip, which they then insert into the drain to inspect the condition of your pipes.

  • Got Water Problems? 3 Steps To Take When Your Water Softener Ruptures

    If you came home to find that your water softener has sprung a leak, don't wait for the situation to get worse. A ruptured water softener can cause serious water damage to your home. It can also cause other problems for you and your family. Depending on how long the water softener has been leaking, you could be facing an expensive water bill. To make sure the problem is taken care of quickly, and effectively, here are three steps you need to take when your water ruptures.

  • Small Furnace And Air Conditioner That Doesn't Work? Talk With Heating Contractors About Budget Options

    If the furnace and the air conditioner for your home are too small, and they keep breaking down and blowing fuses or don't make your home comfortable, it's time to talk with a heating and cooling company. If you are worried about the budget and how much it's going to cost to replace the units, there are some things to consider. There are a lot of ways to make sure you are staying on budget and watching what you spend, without having to sacrifice a high-quality heating and cooling system.

  • Possible Reasons Why You're Not Getting Hot Water

    It can be incredibly frustrating to turn on a tap or jump into the shower only to realize that the water is remaining cold, or at best, lukewarm. If you're going through this problem, don't know what could be behind it, and all the taps in your home are impacted, then it's likely your water heater is to blame. Here's what could be going on.  Pilot Light One of the most common problems with water heaters not producing heat is that the pilot light goes out.

  • 3 Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

    Like other parts of your home, your plumbing will eventually need to be replaced. The process of installing a new plumbing system is called repiping. Here are three signs that your home may be in need of repiping. 1. Frequent Leaks Pipes that are worn and need to be replaced will often start leaking at several different points in your home. While these leaks are easy to spot in exposed plumbing, for example in pipes in your basement, they can also occur in the piping behind your walls.

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