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What To Do When You Have A Water Line Leak

Joann Gardner

A plumbing leak can be frightening, especially if it is from the water supply line beneath your sink. By knowing what to do in such a situation, you can put your fear aside and address the problem before the damage becomes severe. The following guide will help.

#1: Turn off the water supply

Shutting off the water supply to the affected sink is the most important task. In most cases the water shutoff valve will be beneath the sink. You may get wet, but you should be able to turn it to the right and stop the water flow. There are two times when this may not be possible – if the valve is stuck or if the leak is in the hot water line and scalding is an issue. In this case, turn off the water main into the house. The location can vary, but common places for the main are in the basement, in a utility box outside, in a laundry or mud room, near the hot water heater, or in the master bath.

#2: Empty the cabinet

If you have a cabinet beneath the sink where the leak occurred, empty the cabinet before taking any further steps. Water damage and mold are a greater concern than replacing the supply line. You don't want to leave anything in the cabinet that can hold water. Cleaning supplies, stored items, and other things need to be removed, dried, and set aside until the plumbing work is done.

#3: Clean up the mess

To further prevent water damage, mop up all the excess water that collected quickly. Don't leave towels in place to "soak" up water – all this does is trap the dampness. Instead, use a mop or rag and wring them out to remove the water. Then, leave the cabinet doors open to further aid drying. You can also place a fan near the area to speed up water evaporation and minimize the chances of mold problems.

#4: Get help

Now that the immediate problem has been solved, you can fix the root cause. A leak in a water supply line requires the help of a professional plumber. This is because the whole line must be replaced, as compared to a drain where only a section of pipe may need replacement. They can find the leak as well as determine if there were other contributing causes – such as a water pressure issue.

For more help, contact a plumbing service in your area.


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