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3 Effective Solutions For Dealing With Clogged Drains

Joann Gardner

The drains in your bathroom and kitchen are essential for daily operations, but they are sometimes taken for granted. Only when they get clogged do you realize just how important they are. If you're dealing with these stressful clogs, like many homeowners, be sure to take the following actions quickly. 

Use a Wire Hanger 

One of the simplest strategies for removing clogs in a drain is to use a wire hanger. This household item works best when the clog isn't too far down the drain, and you can still access it with relative ease. Make sure you straighten the hanger out as far as it can go. Insert the hanger into the clogged drain until you feel some resistance, and then, twist. This action should be enough to break through backed up toilet paper and hair. Repeat these steps several times, and flush the drain with warm water. 

Apply Homemade Solutions 

If the wire hanger doesn't seem to work, there are plenty of homemade solutions you can make that can do the trick. These solutions are not dangerous and are extremely affordable to create. Start with mixing some salt and baking soda in a bowl. When water is added, this mix should create a strong chemical reaction that eats away at whatever is causing the clog.

Baking soda and vinegar, when combined together, also create a similar reaction that has proven to be effective. If the clog is minor, some warm water and dish detergent may suffice, as well. Try out different combinations until you find something that works for your drains.

Hire a Drain Cleaning Service

When nothing seems to work, the clog may be severe enough to warrant professional help. You should then hire a drain cleaning company to come out and clean the affected drains. These professionals offer many benefits. They know exactly what they're doing and will implement effective, safe strategies. For example, they have access to a specialized tool known as a toilet auger. Its flexible design enables it to move smoothly throughout your drains until the clog is reached. If that doesn't work, they can try hydro-jetting. This process involves using high-pressure water to completely remove buildup causing the clog. 

Dealing with clogs is never a fun experience, as it prevents you from doing the simplest tasks. Luckily, there are a wide variety of clog-removal strategies you can try to get back to your normal household routines quickly.

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