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Common Questions About Septic Tank Pumping Most Homeowners Will Never Ask

Joann Gardner

Buried down deep in the ground around your home is your septic tank. This thing gets used every day and is really one of the more important features of a modern home. However, this is the one thing a lot of homeowners don't care to bring up in general conversation. When you are faced with the task of hiring a septic tank pumping service to clean your tank, you will probably have some questions when that big pumping truck and the contractor shows up. But if you're like most homeowners, you will never ask the things that are on your mind. Here's a look at a few common homeowner questions about septic tank pumping and some info you want to know. 

What are the weirdest things found in septic tanks?

If you were to ask a septic tank service rep about their experience with odd findings, you would likely be a little surprised by their answers. All kinds of things get flushed down the toilet, sometimes purposely and sometimes by accident, but nevertheless, they are going to find their way into the tank. Cell phones, dentures, frogs—these are quite common items, but every contractor will probably offer you a different story about the time they found something extremely odd. 

Why would someone ever go into this business?

For those who don't do dirty jobs, it is easy to look at someone who deals with human waste all day, every day and wonder why they would choose such a profession. However, the answer is usually pretty straightforward. People who do this for a living enjoy working outdoors, enjoy meeting new people, and some may even enjoy the idea of helping keep modern life at home a possibility. While there are some folks who pick up this profession because it is the family business, this is not always the case. 

Do you ever get used to the smell?

If you've ever encountered a septic problem at home, you know just how bad the stench of raw sewage can be. It is one of those odors that seems to permeate every fiber around you and every molecule of oxygen available. So do people who do this for a living ever get used to the smell? In ways they probably do, but these contractors are also human and when something stinks, well, it stinks. Some septic tank service employees use special tricks to overcome the foul odor, such as breathing only through their mouth, wearing a mask over their mouth and nose, and even dabbing a bit of eucalyptus oil or vapor rub just below their nostrils. 

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