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Sewer Repair Options When Tree Roots Invade And Cause Damage

Joann Gardner

If your sewer line is constantly clogging or if sewage is leaking into your yard, it could be time to have the drain repaired or replaced. Tree roots may have invaded the pipe and crushed it so the line is blocked and leaking. A plumber can tell exactly what's going on by using a sewer camera to look inside the pipe. The repairs could depend on how much damage has been done. Here are some options for repairing a sewer line damaged by tree roots.

Clear Out The Roots With A Hydro Jet

Even if you've tried using a sewer snake to cut out the roots, it could be worth letting a plumber try to clear the line with another method. One that might help is using a hydro jet to blast the tree roots out of seams and off the sides of the pipe. A hydro jet can clear all the roots out of the sewer line, but it won't keep them from growing back. If the pipe is still in one piece, then blasting or cutting out the roots every time they grow back could be one solution for your problem until you decide to have the pipe replaced.

Dig Up The Damaged Pipe And Put In A New One

Once the pipe is so badly damaged that it collapses, digging it up could be the only way to fix the problem. To do this, the plumber needs to have a trench dug in your yard so the old pipe can be reached. It is then pulled out and replaced with a new pipe, and the trench is filled back in. This could turn into a messy job if you have a long sewer line or if it passes under landscaping or your shed. However, once the new line is in place, your plumbing problems should be at an end since tree roots won't get inside the pipe any longer, especially if a plastic pipe is installed.

Put In A Pipe Liner To Block Tree Roots

If your current sewer pipe is still in one piece but has large gaps in the seams or big cracks, then putting in a liner might be an acceptable alternative to replacing the pipe. Your plumber will take a look inside the old pipe with a camera to determine its size and layout first. Putting a liner inside the pipe will reduce the diameter of your sewer line, so the plumber needs to be sure this won't affect how well your plumbing works. If your pipe is found suitable for a liner, the liner is pulled through your old pipe and once in place, it covers cracks and damage to stop leaks and keep roots out.

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