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How To Improve The Quality Of The Water Your Family Drinks At Home

Joann Gardner

Even if your home's water is from the city's supply, you may be concerned with its quality. If you have well water, you definitely want to have the water tested and treated if necessary since it comes to your home straight out of the ground. If you're unsure where to begin, talk your plumber about your options based on water testing. Here are some ways your home water supply can be treated.

Whole-House Filtration Treats Your Entire Home

If you want pure water for drinking, bathing, and doing laundry, then a whole-house filter could be the answer. These remove a variety of chemicals, such as chlorine, that could be present in your city water supply. These filters typically have carbon in them so the water tastes better and has odors removed too. A general filter may work well for your home, but if testing reveals a specific contaminant, such as a high amount of iron, then you may need to add special filters to make sure your water is safe to drink and safe for your plumbing fixtures. Whole-house filters also remove silt and other sediments that may be present in your well water.

Water softeners also treat all the water in your home, but they aren't filters. The use a chemical reaction to remove minerals from the water supply that can leave spots and stains on your laundry, shower door, and faucets. You can use a water softener in combination with a whole-house filter to obtain the purest water that is safe to drink and gentle on your home.

Point-Of-Use Filtration Works At The Sink Level

A point-of-use filter is placed on a particular faucet so the water that comes out of it is purified for drinking and cooking. A reverse osmosis system is an effective way to treat water at a kitchen faucet. It forces water through a membrane to filter it, which removes heavy metals, chemicals, and microbes. A plumber can install one of these water treatment devices underneath your kitchen sink so it is out of the way. While your kitchen water is treated using this method, the faucets in your bathrooms will still use unfiltered water so you may want to add charcoal filters that screw onto the shower heads for added protection when you take a shower.

The first step is to have your water tested so you know its mineral composition and the contaminants it contains. This helps your plumber choose the ideal water treatment system for your specific needs. Having your water cleaned up with a filtration system gives you peace of mind that your family is drinking the purest water you can provide, and that can mean a lot when you have small children in your home. Contact a service, like Express Plumbing & Heating Inc, for more help.


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