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A Wet Bar Could Be The Perfect Addition To Your Finished Basement

Joann Gardner

If you entertain in your home frequently, you might want to consider having a wet bar installed. A wet bar is the perfect finishing touch for a basement that's a gathering spot for watching TV or playing pool. If you don't want to finish your basement, then you could convert your garage, or even install a wet bar in a family room if it is large enough for entertaining. Here are some things to know about putting in a wet bar.

Choose The Location To Reach Pipes And Outlets

A plumber can set up a wet bar any place you want it. However, installation will probably cost less if the bar is situated near plumbing pipes that are easy to connect into. If money is a factor, then you'll want to plan the plumbing connections carefully. When you install a sink in the basement, you may have to bust up the foundation to connect to a drain.

If you haven't started renovations yet, you may want to coordinate the work with a plumber so you don't have to rip out a new wall or floor to hook up a sink. Another thing to think about when you put a new sink in a basement is if it will drain to the main exit pipe using gravity. If not, plumbing services will need to install a pump as well so water from the sink can drain out of the house.

If you're trying to decide if renovating the garage or basement is the better idea, you may want to get estimates for both jobs from a plumber. Your garage should have electrical outlets in place and there could be plumbing lines running through the walls that are easy to tap into. That might make the installation less expensive so you could spend more on a quality sink and countertops.

Install A Tiny Wet Bar If You're Short On Space

You don't need much space for a wet bar. If you're putting it in a small room, all you'll need is a sink, small refrigerator, limited counter space, and shelves or a cabinet for storage. Of course, you'll also need electrical connections and plumbing for the sink. If you have a larger area, such as an entire basement, you can install a mini kitchen complete with microwave and island counter with stools for seating. The crucial components of a wet bar are the sink and refrigerator. The rest can be added according to how much space you have.

While a wet bar isn't absolutely necessary for a game room or home sports bar, it can be extremely convenient. It will save you from running upstairs for supplies and you'll have a source of water for drinking, handwashing, and washing glasses. With careful planning, you can install a beautiful wet bar that enhances your home at a price that fits your budget.


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