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Tips For Keeping Pipes From Freezing In A Crawlspace

Joann Gardner

If you have a crawlspace in your home and some of your plumbing pipes run through this area, then you may frequently experience issues with your pipes freezing. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when the temperatures drop significantly outside the home. If you want to resolve your pipe freezing issue, then there are several things that you can do. Keep reading to learn about a few options.

Use Your Heating System

Your heating system can often be used to help force more heat into your crawlspace. This does depend on the type of heating system that you have. If you have a forced air system, then look for the closest heating vent to the crawlspace area. Create a hole in the wall of the crawlspace to allow the warm air into the space. If the vent is not close enough to create a great deal of airflow, then consider adding an angled air vent deflector that will move air towards your crawlspace opening.

If you have baseboard heat that uses hot water, then make sure that water is continually flowing through the system. This will help to keep the crawlspace warm since water pipes likely run through the area to supply heat to nearby radiators. To make sure water flows properly, look for a circulation setting on the boiler and turn it to continual circulation. 

Of course, you can also turn up the heat a degree or two in your home to help keep the crawlspace a bit warmer. Also, you can leave lights on near the space to help create heat and you can also add small heaters to the space itself. Electric space heaters are ideal for these small spaces, but make sure to place them near nonflammable materials for safe use.

Add Insulation

You probably have insulation around your pipes. This can stop some freezing issues and so can electric heat tape. However, if your crawlspace is quite drafty, then the cold air coming into the area may be enough to freeze the pipes on contact. In this situation, it is best to add insulation to the walls of the crawlspace and to also close any openings you see. 

Crawlspaces are notoriously difficult to insulate, since many are not easy to access. If you need to add insulation during the winter months, then use a few cans of spray foam insulation to get the majority of the openings causing the drafts. During the spring or summer, consider seeking out a professional who can add a vapor barrier and insulation to the floor, wall, and ceiling areas of the space.


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