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Putting A Stop To Toilet Tank Condensation

Joann Gardner

Do you have a drippy toilet tank? Are you tired of sopping up all of the water from the floor each day? Have you noticed that the moisture is beginning to damage the wall behind the toilet? If your toilet tank sweats, don't sweat it – you can get that tank to quit dripping before the damage extends to the places you can't see. Here's how.

Install a Toilet Tank Liner

Toilet tank liners can be picked up at your local home improvement store for very little money. The liner goes inside the tank and creates a barrier between the water and the interior of the tank. This will decrease or put a stop to the amount of moisture that builds up on the outside of the toilet tank.

To install the liner, you simply shut off the water to the toilet and drain the water out of the tank. Let it dry and then install the liner using the adhesive that is included with the kit.

Use a Condensation Tray

Another option for a quick fix is using a condensation tray. This is just a small plastic tray that sits on the floor below your tank and catches the water that drips. It then dries from the tray, or you will need to empty the tray before it overflows.

Cover the Tank

You may think that the tank covers that you've seen over the years are there simply for decoration, but the truth is, they can actually help to decrease or prevent condensation on the toilet tank. The cover keeps the warm air from inside your bathroom from coming into contact with the cold surface of the toilet tank. This eliminates the condensation problems quickly.

Adjust the Room Temperature

If the bathroom is too warm, the condensation will continue to be a problem. Lower the temperature in the room by closing the heating vent. You don't want the room freezing cold, but closer to the temperature of the water inside the tank would help decrease the condensation.

Run the Exhaust Fan

When you're showering or bathing, make sure to run the exhaust fan while you're in there and for about a half hour after you're done. The moisture that is in the air from the hot water will cause the toilet tank to sweat even more. Leaving the fan running will cool the room temperature and pull some of the moisture out of the space.

Talk with your local plumber to learn more about toilet repair.


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