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Three Things To Know About A Home's Hot Water Heater

Joann Gardner

New to homeownership and having a hot water heater? Here are some useful things you should know about the appliance.

The Tank's Relief Valve Can Release Moisture

A hot water heater has two parts that make up its construction, a shell on the outside and a tank on the inside. That tank will hold the hot water before it's sent through your plumbing to the faucet that was opened. The tank must be pressurized for it to work and provide flowing hot water. If not, the water would just sit inside the tank and not go anywhere.

When there is an a lot of pressure inside the tank, a relief valve will release some of that pressure automatically. This can cause moisture to appear around this valve, which is common with normal use of a hot water tank. There is no reason to be concerned about there being a leak, since it is just air pressure with moisture that has left the tank.

The Tank Can Become Too Hot

You may really enjoy having hot water that flows through your home, but it is possible to have water that's too hot. Be careful about how hot you set the thermostat on the water heater, since it is capable of producing water that is so hot that it can burn you.

What makes setting the thermostat difficult is that the water temperature can be different inside the tank when compared to the current temperature of the water coming out of a faucet. Do a test by taking the temperature of the water at the faucet closest to the water heater. Just fill up a glass and put a kitchen thermometer in it. If it is above 120 degrees, lower the temperature on the thermostat.

The Tank Can Form Puddles Due To Leaks

While the condensation found around the tank's relief valve is considered normal, you need to be on the lookout for puddles of water that form around the tank. These could be forming due to a part of the hot water tank that has rusted through, with water slowly leaking out of a crack. If you are not aware of the problem, the rust can eventually eat a hole through the tank that is so big that the entire hot water tank empties onto your floor.

If you are worried about a potential leak and want to fix it, reach out to a local plumber that provides water heater repair services.


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