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4 Solutions That Make Septic System Care Easier And Repairs Less Frequent

Joann Gardner

Millions of homes have septic systems, but the owners often neglect maintenance. To avoid costly repairs with your system, it is important to know things like the location of the tank and other components. There are also improvements that can be done to make maintenance of your septic system easier, such as knowing where the tank, distribution box and drain field are located. Here are some of the solutions that will help you care for your septic system and avoid costly repairs:

1. Locating and Creating a Complete Drawing of Septic System Location

The first thing you want to do as part of care for your septic system is know its location. This is something that is often included in as-built drawings of homes. If you do not have drawings with the location of your septic system, get help locating and marking the area where it is installed and make a drawing of its location.

2. Making Maintenance of Septic System Easier with Risers and Manhole Covers

Another problem that you may have with your septic system is lack of access for simple maintenance tasks like inspection and tank pumping. To solve this problem, have risers installed for areas like the tank top, vents and distribution boxes. To ensure your system is secure, have secure manhole covers installed that lock in place to prevent accidents.

3. Installation of Pump Tanks and Distribution Boxes for Improved Percolation  

If you have an older septic system, you may have problems with effluent going to the drain field. The installation of a pump with its own tank and distribution box will solve this problem and improve percolation, which is the process of waste filtering through the soil. In addition, a distribution box will make it easier to add to the drain field if needed.

4. Improving Outdated and Undersized Systems with Secondary Treatment Tanks

Many homes have septic systems that were designed before remodeling, additions and other home improvements. These systems are often undersized for the needs of households with more people. It may also just be a smaller tank and installing a secondary treatment tank is a solution that will help improve the septic system and reduce problems. The secondary tank will help with breaking down of solids to prevent problems with clogged lines. 

These are some of the things that you can do to help with septic system maintenance and reduce repair costs. If you need help with maintenance and improvements, contact drain cleaning services, such as Service Now


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