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4 Different Material Types For Septic Tanks

Joann Gardner

Septic tanks can be made out of a variety of materials. The material that your septic tank is made out of will impact its overall usable life, as well as the cost of replacing or installing a septic tank.


One of the big advantages of a plastic tank is that it is one of the most affordable tank options on the market. If you are on a tight budget, a plastic septic tank is an affordable option. The downside of a plastic tank, though, is that it is really lightweight, which means that it can be easily damaged during the installation process. The lightweight nature of a plastic septic tank can also cause it to rise to the surface of your lawn if it is not installed properly.

If you want to save some money, go with a plastic septic tank and choose an installer who has lots of experience with plastic septic tanks and drain cleaning and knows how to carefully install a plastic septic tank and anchor it.


Fiberglass septic tanks are affordable, much like plastic septic tanks. Also like plastic septic tanks, fiberglass septic tanks can be easily damaged and move around in the soil if they are not anchored in place properly. However, fiberglass septic tanks are a lot less likely to experience rusting or cracking.


Although steel is a favorable material in a lot of different situations, it is not the best material for a septic tank. Steel septic tanks are known for corroding. The tops can corrode right off a steel septic tank, creating a big safety hazard. Not many people put new steel septic tanks in; they tend to be made from an older material. To top it off, steel septic tanks are expensive.


Concrete is the tried-and-true material when it comes to septic tanks. Concrete is an extremely common material. Concrete septic tanks may not be as cheap as fiberglass or plastic, but they represent the average price when it comes to cost.

Concrete septic tanks are strong and sturdy and generally last for a long time. However, concrete septic tanks often crack over time.

When it comes to choosing a material for your septic tank, plastic and fiberglass are the most affordable options, though they are not the most durable option. Concrete is the most durable option when it comes to septic tanks. Steel tanks are expensive and prone to corrosion. 


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