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Why Upgrade To Tankless Hot Water Heating

Joann Gardner

Did your old hot water heater finally fail, and now you are in need of a replacement? While the easy solution is to replace the old tank with a new one, you have the opportunity to put in a whole new type of hot water tank. The tankless hot water heater is a great upgrade you can make to your home for the following reasons.

Minimal Footprint

You may not realize that a tankless hot water heater is incredibly small, and will take up far less space in your home than a traditional hot water heater use to. The unit is typically wall mounted and is no bigger than a fuse box. The water gets heated as it flows through the device, so there is no need to have a water reserve tank where hot water is stored until you need it. 

The small size of a tankless hot water heater can be great if you want to reclaim space in a closet where your existing hot water heater is, or want more room in your basement for storage. 

Endless Hot Water

Ever run into an issue in the morning where the last person to shower barely has any hot water? This is because the old hot water heater was not able to keep up with the demand of a large household. It is possible to use the hot water faster than it can be heated in these traditional tanks, causing cold water to come from the faucet. 

A tankless hot water heater will never run out of hot water due to the water being heated on demand. While there can be constraints with how much hot water can be simultaneously used in a house at one time, it should not be an issue with families with two people showering at once. For normal uses, you will never run out of hot water in your home.

Energy Savings

A traditional hot water tank can be quite wasteful when it comes to energy use. It is always heating the water in the reserve tank, even when you are away from your home at work or on vacation. That is money spent on heating water that is never used, increasing your gas or electricity bills. 

By opting for tankless water heater installation services, you'll have lower energy bills because it only uses gas or electricity when you use the hot water. You'll end up saving money each month on utilities as a direct result of this water heater upgrade. 


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