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Restaurant Grease Management Tips To Protect Your Commercial Plumbing System

Joann Gardner

Do you own or operate a restaurant? If so, you likely have many responsibilities and may feel overwhelmed keeping up with operating the restaurant. There is one maintenance task that you should never overlook or underestimate the importance of. The grease trap in your restaurant is a lifeline. It can wreak havoc if it is not properly maintained.

Grease trap cleaning helps to ensure that your business operates efficiently, and it can prevent plumbing disasters. However, you also need to practice good habits to prevent grease from entering drains where it can cause clogs. The following points will help you to understand things that you can do to reduce the chances of grease causing plumbing issues in your restaurant. 

Ensure Proper Installation

Your grease trap needs to operate correctly to trap grease. Routine inspections can ensure that the device is working properly. Sometimes an issue with the original installation may exist. This is why inspections make sense even if your unit is brand-new.

Recycle Used Grease

An effective way to get rid of used grease is to recycle it. Some jurisdictions have businesses that pick up the old grease, and they may pay a nominal fee for the product. Either way, recycling frees you up from having to worry about properly disposing of used grease yourself. 

Update Cleaning Practices

Scrape dishes. Wipe dishes and eating utensils prior to washing them to minimize the residual grease left on items. Clean your kitchen regularly, including the exhaust fans and filters. 

Utilize Trash Cans

If you have a garbage disposal, you may be tempted to dispose of food waste in it. However, it is a better idea to dispose of scraps in a trash can. Waste from garbage disposals can cause issues with grease traps if the food waste incidentally enters the trap. 

Protect Your Drains

Even with good practices, protecting your drains is essential. Install filters on your drains to ensure that food particles never enter drains. Ensure that employees understand that they should never pour grease down drains despite having a working grease trap installed.

A commercial plumber is a good resource to use to understand more about the importance of maintaining your grease trap. They can inspect your grease trap to ensure that it is working properly. They can also offer additional advice regarding proper grease disposal. These professionals can help you to develop a grease trap cleaning schedule that does not disrupt your business operations. They can also perform routine inspections and identify issues such as a need for replacing your grease trap.                  

To learn more, contact a commercial plumbing contractor.


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