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Small Furnace And Air Conditioner That Doesn't Work? Talk With Heating Contractors About Budget Options

Joann Gardner

If the furnace and the air conditioner for your home are too small, and they keep breaking down and blowing fuses or don't make your home comfortable, it's time to talk with a heating and cooling company. If you are worried about the budget and how much it's going to cost to replace the units, there are some things to consider.

There are a lot of ways to make sure you are staying on budget and watching what you spend, without having to sacrifice a high-quality heating and cooling system. Here are the things to talk with the service professional.

Package Deal

You should be able to get a price break if you update both the furnace and the air conditioner at the same time. The new package deal should include:

  • Installation
  • Furnace
  • Air conditioning unit
  • New thermostat
  • Ventilation changes needed

Get a quote to have all of these things completed. A package deal may be the most affordable way to get everything done that's needed.

Ask for Different Finance Options

Talk with the heating and cooling company to see if they have finance options through the company or if they allow payment plans. If you can put down a deposit, then make a couple of lump payments, this may make the process more affordable. You also may want to look into emergency credit cards or taking out a mortgage on your home.

Sell the Old Unit

If the units that you had in your home weren't bad units, they just weren't the right size for your home, you may be able to sell them. Ask the heating and cooling company if they could buy them from you to use in another home or list them for sale on a classified site. This can put a lot of money toward the new project.

If you know that you need a new heating and cooling system, get more than one quote from different heating contractors in your area. You want to be sure that you get energy-efficient models that are going to be cost-efficient to run in your home, and you want units that can keep your home at a temperature that you enjoy.

Your insurance provider for your homeowner's plan also may give you a price break in your monthly bill, because you are updating old appliances that can cause hazards for the home. The sooner you get your units replaced the better so act fast and find the budget units you need.

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