Plumbing With A Purpose

Plumbing With a Purpose

  • 4 Things You Need To Know About Household Mold

    Have you ever found mold in your home? If so, then you may already know that it tends to grow and thrive in warm, humid areas, such as bathrooms. Still, mold can sometimes make a surprise appearance in other areas of your home, so knowing how to deal with it and when to call a professional for remediation is an absolute must. It Can Have Health Consequences Mold can have serious consequences for your health and the health of those living under your roof.

  • Learn What Makes Your Tap Water Change Color

    You expect your water to look crystal clear when it comes from the tap. Seeing it come out as any other color can be an unwelcome surprise and a cause for concern. There are plenty of reasons why your water supply could suddenly turn strange colors. The following explains how this can happen and what can be done about it. Cloudy Water Cloudy tap water is usually the result of air making its way into the plumbing system, either through a damaged water line or a faulty fitting.

  • Why Frequently Unoccupied Homes Need Hot Water Heater Flushes & How You Can Perform One

    If you own a second home that is frequently unoccupied, then you probably know all too well how things can go wrong when you're away. Performing preventative maintenance can help keep things running smoothly, but one specific maintenance task you may not have considered is the need to flush the hot water heaters on a regular basis. Below is more information on why hot water heaters need regular flushing, particularly in homes that aren't occupied, as well as how you can easily flush hot water heaters using a few common tools and materials:

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